Denture Repairs & Relines

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Denture Repairs


Denture breakage can occur! Sometimes it’s simply the age of the dentures, or a small crack because of wear and tear, or you may need additional teeth or clasps because of tooth extraction.

We know it’s important to minimise time without your dentures, so we offer a premium quality fast denture repairs service.

All denture repairs are performed by Daniel and Elicia using the highest quality materials in our onsite laboratory, quickly and effectively.

If you need a denture repair contact us. We are happy to help and advise.

Same-Day Denture Repairs Now Available


Denture Relines


If your dentures no longer fit as well as they once did, you may require what is known as a denture reline.

Denture Relines restore the fitting surface of your old dentures and adapt them more closely to your gums.

All denture relines are performed in our onsite laboratory, by Daniel and Elicia using the highest quality materials, who understands the importance of getting your dentures back to you quickly and effectively.

When the denture is returned, the result is an accurate fit, much like a brand new denture.

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